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Protecting the environment through the preservation of natural habitats and the advancement of environmental education
Southern Adirondack Audubon Society, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit

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Serving over 500 members in Warren, Washington, and northern Saratoga counties of New York State

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We are offering  you a choice of two beautiful bird portraits as a gift
 for donating $50.00  or more to our year-end appeal.  

  You can see them by clicking here.

Join a Bird Count Team on Dec 14th!
Area birders and nature enthusiasts are invited to participate in the annual Christmas Bird Count on Sunday, Dec.14.  Tens of thousands of volunteers will participate in more than 2,000 individual counts scheduled to take place throughout the Americas from mid-December to early January. The Christmas Bird Count started in 1900 as an alternative event to the over-hunting of birds for feathers for the millinery trade.The collected data contributes to the U.S. governmentís natural history monitoring database.  

SAAS birders count species within a 15-mile diameter circle centered in Hudson Falls. The circle includes the city of Glens Falls, the villages of South Glens Falls, Fort Edward, and Hudson Falls, as well as much of the towns of Queensbury, Fort Edward, and Moreau.

You do not need to be a bird identification expert to participate. Birders of all skill levels are needed. Non-birders are welcome to help spot birds or keep team records. Most of the birding is done from a car, but some teams may walk along trails or in area parks. The many diverse habitats within the SAAS count circle make for interesting observations. Itís also a fun way to get to know area birders and increase your skills.

To join a count team for a whole or partial day, contact Linda White at 518-792-4446 or 518-222-5675.

You can now make a secure donation online through!

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Northern Harriers!
Color-marked Northern Harrier
Good News! Read about the Lake George Land Conservancy's 2014 breeding bird survey  in the Town of Putnam.   This is another project funded by Southern Adirondack Audubon members and supporters.
 Click here to access the report and photos.
American Golden-Plover Our chapter bird list grew to 280 species this summer
 with the addition of an American Golden-Plover!

See the complete list of birds sighted in
our chapter area here.
"Birding Behind the Lens"  Photo Page
Check it out here!  

Capital Region Audubon President, John Loz, has been a great help to our chapter this summer.  He has represented us at both the Glens Falls and Saratoga Farmers' Markets. John has generated a lot of interest in our chapter and has  brought us several new members!
Thanks, John for all your work on our behalf!

              GF Farmers' Market


 Eastern Bluebird Project

This year so far our Eastern Bluebird monitors report 34 fledglings!  We'll have a final report when the season closes.

Our sincere thanks go out to bluebird monitors Barbara Beatty, Pat Fitzgerald, Chris Germain, Joyce Miller, and Mary Lou Munger for their time and dedication.

If you would like to become a bluebird monitor, contact us at:

Eastern Bluebird by Gordie Ellmers
Eastern Bluebird
Photo by Gordie Ellmers
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