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Southern Adirondack Audubon Society

Protecting the environment through the preservation of natural habitats

 and the advancement of environmental education

To advance our goal of "Conservation through Education," we sponsor monthly public programs on natural history topics, provide Audubon Adventures nature lessons to homeschooling families, lead natural history field trips, and participate in local community events and festivals.


We have a number of informational flyers
available on birding, conservation, and
gardening subjects that may be of interest
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SAAS Donates Teaching Materials to Round Lake Library

SAAS recently donated educational materials to Diane Shapiro and the Round Lake Library.  Mrs. Shapiro teaches gardening classes to preschoolers and elementary students and she incorporates birds, butterflies, and pollinators in her classes.  We were pleased to supply her with some books for preschoolers, bird guides with audio cds of bird song, and several packs of Audubon Adventure Nature  News packets.  It is encouraging to find kids learning about the natural world!
Diane Shapiro
Diane Shapiro in the Round Lake Library garden space with her new materials.


SAAS is partnering with the American Bird Conservancy on their "Cats Indoors" Campaign

Studies indicate that the 100 million free-roaming cats in the US kill approximately 2.4 BILLION birds every year!

The American Bird Conservancy's "Cats Indoors" program educates the public on the benefits to cats, birds and people when
cats are kept indoors or under direct control of the owner.  Did you know that:

  • The life expectancy of an outdoor cat is only 2-5 years?
  • Well fed domestic cats kill wildlife?
  • Outdoor cats are prone to more disease than indoor cats?
  • Outdoor cats often have to defend themselves against wild animals?
Read more about the "Cats Indoors" program here

brochureYour Audubon chapter is providing the ABC's "Cats, Birds and You" brochure to libraries in the Southern Adirondack Library System.  If you would like a copy of this brochure and your local library no longer has a supply,  you can download it here. brochureThe ABC also has this brochure explaining why the "Trap, Neuter, Release" (TNR) program is not a successful way to control populations of feral cats.  You may download a copy of this brochure here.
These are some of our past educational programs and events...
SAAS at the Recent Wilton Wildlife Nature Festival

SAAS Volunteers and Board Members passed out educational materials and helped kids make pinecone bird feeders.  Looks like it was a great success!
WWP&P Festival Sign board WWP&P Festival

Camp Colby  - A Great Way to Spend a Summer Week in the Adirondacks!

Spending a week at DEC's Camp Colby in Saranac Lake is a dream for many nature-loving kids.  SAAS is pleased that through the generous donations of our supporters we have made this dream come true for outdoor-loving kids for years.  Below is a report from our most recent camper.  Read his letter below - it sounds like he had a great camping experience!
2012 Camper with friendsGoing to camp Colby was a lot of fun and taught me many things. I learned how to work well with others and be responsible for myself. I had a lot of fun with new friends spending all day learning about the environment, playing games, and exercising. Camp Colby was a fun experience for both fun and learning.

Camp Colby had lots of fun activities like “6 resources” which is basically capture the flag with 12 flags.  I also participated in the Hunter Education Program.  I shot five rounds of a .22 caliber rifle for the first time.  Another activity I enjoyed was archery.  There were lots of fun games that had to do with the environment and things that would limit an animal’s lifetime. Those were some fun activities that made my time at camp Colby memorable.

The time that I liked the best was the night when we camped out. It was a lot of fun just camping out with a couple of friends in a tent. We at a dinner cooked in tinfoil.  That was the best meal! We also had to make up a skit for the final camp fire and we had some difficulty since we couldn’t concentrate, but we eventually came up with an idea. We were going to have an argument over what to do for the skit which ended in a light saber battle between me and a friend. That was why I liked the night we camped out a lot.  

Thank you for this opportunity to go to Camp Colby.  It was an experience I’ll always remember!

- Cameron, Ballston Spa, NY

Audubon Adventures helps Camp Moreau Promote Nature Awareness

Camp Moreau Kids

Through the support and generosity of SAAS members, our chapter was pleased to be able to pr
ovide the Audubon Adventures nature study program to the participants at the Moreau Community Center's summer camp.

Moreau Fun Days Tabling Event Draws Crowd!
SAAS President Pat Walters, and board members Carol Moyers, Jason Goldsmith, and Nan Polunci manned a table  at Moreau Fun Days.  Information on conservation initiatives, in addition to fun birding games, were made available to the many folks who stopped by.   As shown in the photo below, the kids had a ball making pine cone bird feeders to take home.
Moreau Fun Days Tabling Event

Moreau Second Graders Learn About Snowy Owls!
Snowy Owl PresentationSAAS  President, Don Polunci, educated and entertained students on April 8th   with a presentation on Snowy Owls.  Don was invited by Matt Armenio, a second grade teacher at Moreau Elementary School.  The children were all enthusiastic, and sent Don appreciative thank-you notes, some of which are printed below.  Who was having more fun—the kids, or Don?

From Karlee:  "Thank you! for the presentation you did for us. It would be joyful if you brought a real snowy owl.  I can’t wait intill I’m in 4th grade so we can take apart the pellets.  Hoo Hoo Hoo."

 From Morgan:  "The pellets are desschusting but the rest is cool. Thank you."

From Maria:  "I really loved the pitchers that you shoed us and thos pellets wore cool. Thank you."

Sage wrote:  "Thank you. You are the best. Thanks for the presentation and thanks for teaching."

Terri:  "Thank you for teaching us all about snowy owls. Why do you like to take picers of snowy owls."

Adopt-A-Puffin logo
SAAS would like to thank Mrs. Srygley's fourth grade class at Jackson Heights Elementary School for participating in National Audubon's "Pennies for the Planet" campaign.  The students chose to support an ongoing project restoring nesting sites for Atlantic Puffins off the coast of Maine.  Mrs. Srygley said the class loved learning about this colorful seabird, enthusiastically raising a total of $67.67, plus a variety of foreign coins, Monopoly money… and one pop tart.  A big thank you to each and every one of you!

Audubon Adventures
Audubon Adventures Program
The education of our youth about the wonders and appreciation of the natural world has been one of our most important goals.  Since 1985 SAAS members have sponsored the National Audubon Society's Audubon Adventures Program to enhance an interdisciplinary Nature Study program for grades 4-6.  Many area schools from Minerva to Hudson Falls to South Glens Falls and in between have participated. Materials include a flyers on several nature topics and an informative teacher resource manual.  We are open to sponsoring any classroom in our chapter area; please contact any board member for more information.
     In the fall of 2007, we introduced the program to a new group of students in our chapter area - the homeschooling families.  Homeschoolers parents have been enthusiastic about participating, and eagerly receive the materials.    If you know of a family that homeschools and would like to know more about the program, please email audubon@netheaven.org

"I really enjoyed all the hands-on activities and the easy to use, colorful manual and posters.  It serves as a great resource in addition to our other science material. " - Homeschooling mom in Diamond Point, NY

Double H logo
Camp Inspiration Birding Workshop
In June of 2005, SAAS members, Linda Hoyt, Joan Robertson, Ginny Vogel, Linda White and Mona Bearor, spent two mornings presenting a beginning birding program at Camp Inspiration, a week-long summer camp for wheelchair and ventilator dependent children held at the Double H Ranch.  They were assisted by Andrew Mackie and Sean Mahar of Audubon New York.
     Feeders, mounting poles, squirrel guards and starter seed were supplied by the chapter and the feeders were placed by our members in the camp arboretum several weeks prior to the program dates.  Local birders Cheryl Tucker and Eric Krantz generously donated 15 sets of binoculars and field guides.  Cheryl assisted our members with presentations and Eric gave a short introduction to binocular use.  The classroom instruction included general bird anatomy, bird identification by sight and sound and attracting birds to the backyard.  The field work portion was held in the arboretum despite a misty, cool morning and the birds that were seen and heard brought joy to the faces of these special children.  Pinecone owl kits were provided by Joan Robertson and were made by each child as a souvenir to take home.   Audubon New York presented each camper with a singing Audubon plush bird.  Chapter members who took part in this program voiced special feelings of gratitude for being involved with such a rewarding activity with these exceptional children.