Field Trip Guidelines

  • SAAS supports the ABA Code of Birding Ethics; please familiarize yourself with it.
  • Let the leader lead: walking ahead may flush birds before others see them.
  • Quiet groups see more birds; please speak quietly if at all.
  • Turn off all cell phones or put them on vibrate. If you must answer a call, stay behind the group to complete the call, then rejoin the group.
  • SAAS encourages protection of birds and their habitat; do not approach so closely that you cause the bird to alter its behavior.
  • Come prepared: Wear proper clothing, and bring sunscreen, tick protection, snack and beverage, binoculars, and field guide. Bring lunch if it is an all-day or weekend trip.
  • We encourage carpooling. Discuss ahead how to share expenses.
  • Children must be accompanied by parent/guardian.
  • Pets are not allowed on our trips.
  • Any artificial means to attract birds, including “pishing,” will be at the leader’s discretion.
  • Smokers need to respect the wishes of non-smokers. If you must smoke, step far away from the group. Leave no cigarette butts.
  • Please do not call trip coordinators after 9 p.m.